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Reels, Daiwa Reels and Miya epoch
English Manual is included for better reference!

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monthly special

New Model Tanacom 1000 - 2013 December release
English version model
Display Panel and buttons are written in English

Tanacom bull 1000FE is the most popular electric reel in our store, and now we would like to introduce you a new version of this electric reel called " Daiwa Tanacom 1000" lower priced than old model!
You can get new Tanacom 1000 with lower price, The functions and power are almost same ( number of bearing reduced from 7 to 4)

Display Panel & buttons are written in English
English manual available


High power & Big capacity!
Ideal for Deep drop & Big game fishing!

DAIWA TANACOM 1000 1 unit

Special Price US$ 480.00


Shimano Forcemaster 9000

New Powerful Moter!

Max winding power 72kg!
Max drag 25kg!
More powerful than Shimano denroumaru 4000 beast master! 
Very smooth with 4 set of carbon cross washer!
Big display!


Special Price US$ 590.00