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Benkei 245H (hard) Solid Glass One piece Rod



Solid Glass One piece Rod


Solid Glass One piece Rod
Japan made- BENKEI 245H

TackelUmi's partner fishing shop Ueshima produce Original Solid glass one piece Rod

High Spec but Low price
Japan made one piece rod

Best for deep water fishing!


Our Price: US$ 420.00


Shipping &handling charge

US$80 - Asia,North America,Australia,New zealand
US$120 - Middle East(Oman,Saudi Arabia,UAE),
Israel,Italy,Norway,Portugal, Sweden, Spain,
Switzerland, Turkey)

If you are in this area,please inform us before you place an order. We will set shopping cart for you.
***we can't ship out the item to Africa.


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Benkei 245H Features

  • Powerful blank, super strengh and resistance.
  • Including Gun Metal aluminum butt
  • Fuji stainless flame sicring, high flame, IGLCSG guide!

Solid Glass One piece Rod


Length 2.45m
Piece one
Weight 750g
Sinker weight 562.5g-937.5g (1.24-2.07lb)
Top diameter 3.2mm
Butt diameter 12.0mm
Packing length 2.10m

Benkei 245H Best Selling Country Ranking

1 Malaysia
2 Singapore
3 Brunei

Customer Review

From Malaysia

Mr. Chng from Malaysia send us video His friend Mr KC Hong using Benkei 245H and Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK, caught big red snapper.


Recently got one and loved the action. When my friend saw it he too asked me to get one for him. He is quite pleased with the rod for these it caught him fishes and several of them on his first outing (fisherman's superstition). We also like the bent of the rods especially when the tip goes below the water surface when the fishes are on. Fish bites are also very easy to notice, even from small fishes because of the bend and sensitivity of the tip.


Mr. SUNARDI from Indonesia caught 3 wahoo at Pelabuhan Ratu Bay West Java Indonesia with Daiwa Tanacom 1000 & Benkei Rod.
According to him, "Its really nice to catch with those fishing set, almost 30 minutes, really enjoy. I could landed three wahoo is about 20 kg for each wahoo. I love Benkei its beyond my expectation."

From U. S. A. New Jersey

Mr. Yeoh caught 18 lbs Cog with Benkei 245H and Alphatackle Poralis iv500

From Japan

Mr.Eiji Sakoda Amami-Ohshima in Kagoshima Pref.
using Ueshima Original Benkei245 Rod caught Bluefin tuna 35kg (This is old model)


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