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Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK

Original trasnlated English manual

Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK is Japanese domestic model. It means operation manual and display are all in Japanese. (The number is Arabic numerals) But because of customers’ requests, we created an original English manual.

Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK

end of June release!

Cool & Compact!!

Next generation 3000 series of Shimano electric reel makes it possible on the heavy fight.

US$ 942.31

Now we are offering special price!

Our Price US$635.00


This reel contains Power cable

Original trasnlated English manual

We originaly translated Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK's User's manual to English. You can get English manual for this model only from our store!

Line winding service is FREE
(If you do not need spool it, please let us know when you place order)

Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK

end of June release!

Cool & Compact!!

Next generation 3000 series of Shimano electric reel makes it possible on the heavy fight.

Tackle Umi wind PE#6 line 300m for you!

Now we are offering special price!

Our Price US$698.00



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Forsmaster 3000MK mount MUTEKI MOTOR & MUTEKI DRAG
The highest level of two central part in its "Cool & Compact" design body.
Overwhelming power for "Heat free system II" makes it possible for the fight with big fish. Makes it possible to free spool performance [Fire Mach system] of course, also supports full Fukase fishing. Max drag is 15kg,


Although the size is 3000 series, you will be surprised by its compact size.

The “compact feeling” was due to the shape and components layout. The left thumb and the LCD operation button are placed in a natural position and also the LCD operation button. This is also true to the Jigging button. The side plate can be the same with a sports car. With the use of the “Heat-Free system II” the motor will have a very effective heat dissipation mechanism that will make the motor a lot cooler making it more efficient when catching the target. This is the next generation of cool and compact design.

e-Exciting drag sound

When you hit the fish and drag moves, you can hear electric sound "e-Exciting drag sound". You can enjoy not only feeling hand, but also hearing.

Fire Mach System

By placing the S A-RB bearings in place, as the reel spool in electric motor to achieve the rotation of the exceptional performance "Fire Mach System". Performance has a free rotating at ultra-low load of only 3g, best matches to full Fukase fishing.

The Menu display is in Japanese...
BUT! Do not warry! We make original quick reference quide for you!


Jigging - Invitation mode
You can set your original Jigging - invitation mode

Fukase Mode (Swimfeeder fishing
Prevent over winding of the Rig and Alarm for hitting fish

Speed Mode
This function is to maintain the speed whether you wind big or small fish. It means the motor of this reel adjust the speed (rotation speed of spool) regardless of the weight to the reel.

Easy Mode
Easy mode is the function which maintain the tension you have seteled.

Recovery Time of the Rig
It shows how long it takes for recovering the hook to the shipside while winding

Rack(Target point) setting
Putting the hook exactly at the rack will increase efficiency sharply.

Gunnel Stop
After motorized up-winding has stopped, when the rod is electred, the hook will stop in front of you

Line-cut repair
When there is a line-cut, repair can be done easily.

FAQ for Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK

Does this reel come with English Manual?

Yes! We translate Shimano Forcemaster 3000M to English.
You can easily understand the usage.

Does this reel come with Battery?

No, We ask you to prepare your own battery. We can not sell battery either, because battery is a prohibited item inside the airplane. It is against air flight regulation.
see more about battery>>

Does this reel has Jiggin Function?

Yes. Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK has Jigging function.

What accessory and parts come with the reel?

The accessory and parts of Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK are, Power cable, cloth reel pouch (not reel cover), rod clamp and thread pin.

If it's broken, how can I get repaired?

We have a one year warranty for all electric reel products.
Please contact if there is any problem.
If it is damaged, please send back to us and we will repair it and send it back to you.


Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK

Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK back

Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK handle

Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK box

Item Condition
Gear Ratio
26.14oz/ 740g
Line Capacity
#4/400m  #5/350m  #6/300m #8/200m
MAX Drag
MAX Winding Speed
MAX Winding power 48kg
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan

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