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For Beginners – What is Electric power assist reel?

Unlike manual fishing, electric power assist reels, you can catch a big size fish or deep-sea fish very easy.

If you use an electric reel, you can catch even tuna in excess of (50kg) 100lb!

If you use an Electric reel, you do not need more power for winding than spinning or baitcast reel.

Can I operate Electric reel?

Using an Electric reel is easy and even if you are a beginner you can learn how to use very quickly.

Most of our products are Made in Japan, but do not worry, we prepare an English manual for you.All of our customers can use it.

We sell Daiwa and Shimano electric reels mainly and their electric reels are very high quality and good operability.

Which electric reel I should buy?

If you get confused which electric reel you should choose, please consider what kind of fish you want to catch and choose the best match reel for it.

To find the best match reel, check the Weight of your target fish, Depth (line length) of fishery point.

Then, you can find the best match reel from our Target fish weight list.
Please click the link to the target fish weight chart>>

For Example, if you want to catch Grouper – 20kg (40lb) weight, and 400meter depth, you should choose Daiwa Tanacom 1000 or Shimano ForceMater 9000. (Shimano ForceMater 9000 has much power than Daiwa Tanacom 1000)


Which line I should use?

With regards to the Line, If you want to catch more than 10kg (22lb)fish, please use PE8 (80lb) for your electric reel. If fish size is about 5kg (11lb), you can use PE6 (60lb) or much smaller size line. To get Maximum power of Electric reel, please spool max line length of its line capacity.

What battery I should use?

The power source of Electric reel, please use 12V battery.

You can use boat’s power supply. But we do not recommend it since the power is unstable and in the situation of many anglers, they use its power at the same time.

Or simply you can use any fully charged 12 volt battery such as an automotive battery, marine battery, deep cycle battery or even a small garden tractor battery. But please be careful of the boat’s wetness.

Consumption of battery power

Consumption of battery power is depending on your fishing style and total time you use.

Example of Shimano 4000, 9000 class model and Daiwa 600, 1000 class model

< Consumption of battery power>
1day fishing >>> about 18-25AH
Half day fishing >>> about 9-12AH

So, please prepare 12V=20-24AH or much bigger sized battery.

If your reel is a small or middle sized electric reel such as Daiwa 100 - 500 class and Shimano 1000 – 3000, you need a 12V=16-19AH or much bigger sized battery.


Can I purchase the battery from TackelUmi?

We received many requests from our customers to send a battery but we cannot send the battery, as it is prohibited to send a battery in the airplane. It is an air flight regulation.
So please purchase a battery in your country.

Rod, Which one I should choose?

Fishing Rod for electric reel, you can use your rod. But if you want catch 15kg (30lb) or much bigger sized fish, please choose strong rod.

Our recommendation for 15kg or less fish, is a Rod called “Benkei 245H” Which is original one piece glass rod made by our partner Ueshima fishing shop. It is solid glass blank rod with power, super strength and resistance, but high durability. It is very popular among our customer with its good quality.

This is our explanation for Electric reel for Beginners.
If you have more questions which you should buy, please feel free to ask us by e-mail or chat system. We will recommend you your best electric reel!!

MAX Drag Over 12kg electric reel TOP4 ranking
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
Forcemaster 9000
Seaborg 500J
electric reel ranking4
Beastmaster 9000
electric reel ranking1
Forcemaster 6000
MAX Drag Under 12kg electric reel TOP 4 ranking
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4


Plays 3000

electric reel ranking3
Focemaster 3000XP
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
electric reel ranking1
Fishing Line winder -Daiichi-seiko Recycler-DS
electric reel ranking4
Light Cable
Power holder CP160CH


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